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ground floor with a garden in a green city

Netherlands , The Hague, Netherlands Internet Speed 11-25 Mbps

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Jul 15, 2018 through Aug 15, 2018

Property Details

Exchange Types:

Smoking: No

Suits: 1-2 People

1 Bedrooms

Pets: Yes

Suitable for Children: Suitable

1 Bathrooms

Car Exchange: No

Home & Office Description

2 rooms with very much light and space, lots and lots of toys (heaven for children), a lovely harden with sun most of the day.

Why You'd Love This Home/Office

In the center of an international town but still very much silence and very peaceful, one could work also in the garden.

Close to beautiful beaches (half an hour with the bicycle) and with a huge supermarket on 2 minutes distance.

It's a place suited for any artist or a raw foodie or both. For a parent with a child or just someone who wants to have the space to think.

Home Type


Office Type

Workspace in the living room




Home Amenities


WiFi 11-25 Mbps

Office Amenities

Area Details

Why You'd Love This Area

many beautiful special shops

the center on walking distance.

many cafes and parks in the surroundings

Community Description

Very varied, international, active in the summer.



Additional Info

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