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Anywhere in the World?

Technology has made it technically possible to run a business from anywhere in the world. But any business owner who's been on the road with their business knows that "free wifi" in hotels often doesn't measure up to the needs of a business owner. Plus, it can get quite expensive to stay in hotels for weeks and months...

Is it Reliable?

... And those who've exchanged homes within non-entrepreneur communities know that assurances of "reliable wifi" are often inaccurate—not because exchange partners are trying to mislead, but if they're not business owners, they don't know how truly critical it is to have strong, consistent Internet service.

Barbara’s Solution

Barbara Beatrice Lavitola, founder of Swap My Office—the global home exchange community for entrepreneurs—knew these experiences all too well. She's encountered plenty of too-weak wifi in hotels AND well-meaning home exchange partners who had no idea that their wifi was woefully insufficient. She created Swap My Office to answer two big concerns for today's location-independent business owners: connectivity and cost.

Introducing Swap My Office!

By exchanging homes with fellow entrepreneurs who know what it takes to run a business, members can feel confident knowing their business needs will be met in their desired location. Swap My Office makes the world a little smaller. You're not swapping with just anyone, but with a fellow entrepreneur who understands the life of a business owner and who agrees to abide by the community guidelines on this site.

And by swapping homes instead of paying for hotels, travel-loving business owners can stay for FREE, allowing them to stay longer, live like locals and have unique experiences not available to vacationers.

So what are you waiting for? Join the hottest new site for travel-loving, freedom-loving entrepreneurs right now!