How It Works

How does Swap My Office work?

People have been exchanging homes all over the world for decades!

“You stay in my place while I stay in yours” - It's just like it sounds. No charges, no rent. Very cool. (And there are also some creative ways to exchange that are not necessarily simultaneous!)

Now Swap My office adds office exchange to the mix, making it possible for members to swap:

  • home + home office
  • home + outside office
  • outside office only

Maybe you need an office in another city for a month to finish client work. Or perhaps you want a home with a robust home office to call “home base” while you work and explore another country. Either way, Swap My Office offers you a way to:

  • Stay for free
  • Live (and travel) like a local
  • Confidently do your work (Hello, reliable Internet!)
  • Expand your global connections

But how do I actually arrange an exchange on this site?

It's easy! Here's a simple overview. Get started now and you could be off on your first exchange very soon!

Step #1 Set Up

Create your profile and property listing. You'll upload a photo of yourself and a short bio for your profile and then create your listing using our easy set-up tool. You'll list details and amenities of your home and/or office and then upload photos to “show off” your property.

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Step #2 Search

Decide where/when you want to go and what kind of exchange you need (home + home office, home + outside office, outside office only). Browse listings on the site and find ones that meet your criteria. Use the search filters for faster results.

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Step #3 Connect with Members

As a Swap My Office member (only $9/month), you're able to reach out to other members to see if they're interested in exchanging with you.

Once you've made a match, you'll make private arrangements between yourself and what we call your “swapmate” - the Swap My Office member who's agreed to do the exchange with you.

There are no transaction fees. Your membership gives you access to a community of business owners, remote workers, freelancers, and independent professionals who are all interested in exchanging. You simply make arrangements and then...

Step #4 Get Ready & Go!

Swap My Office has tips and other resources to help you get your home/office ready for your exchange. Click here to access them. Now for the exciting part...enjoy your swap!

And remember, as a Swap My Office member you can arrange as many swaps as you want, as often as you want. No transaction fees.

Now you can do your work from anywhere in the world - and not have to pay for accommodations or workspace! Make every workday feel like vacation!

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